Welcome to Qwake Up, Our Prophetic Evangel Ministry!

Hello. I'm Bill Weather, steward of  Qwake Up.
To contact us, leave a message at the comments link here   or at our facebook page . Many people wonder why God chose to give lil ole me so many prophetic dreams. 
Here is the answer.
I hope you can find the time to click on some of the 50 dreams and visions God has graced me with these last few years. There are deep and profound messages for us, for the church and of what's to come, the purpose being, not to cause us to live in fear, but to prepare us for the hard times to come and not to loose faith in the time of being strongly tested. Knowing what's to come can stabilize us for when it all hits and especially knowing that our redemption draws ever so close when the levy begins to break and the ponzi economy collapses, ushering in the end time tribulation and then, the awsome return of our King, Jesus Christ, who will raise us from the dead in a new immortal body that never gets sick or feels the pains and aches we sometimes go thru. 
Praise him!

Here  is my  salvation testimony.  
Our motto is, Firm on essentials, liberty on non essentials, in all pursuit, faith working through love.    
Our statements of faith are here